The Silver Palm Trio performs classic and rare music from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Our objective is to play the songs simply and beautifully. Our arrangements generally follow the jazz tradition, featuring improvised solos, but sometimes delve into the uncharted waters of borderline psychedelia. The TRIO monicker refers to the basic foundation of Bill Tutton on upright bass, Carey Fosse on guitar, and Jonathon Stearns on keyboards and trumpet, but we often feature guest vocalists and instrumentalists depending on what's appropriate for the gig we're at.



Pics from our recent show at the 321 Lounge @ TAIX in Los Angeles. LIVE audio tracks from the evening for your listening pleasure:
Temptation - sung by Simon Glickman Over the Rainbow - Sung by Crissy Guerrero


Silver Palm Trio just finished recording a 10 song record at Catasonic Studios with Mark Wheaton. Here are some sample tracks:


Frau Klunch Crissy Guerrero Badwater Bob



CONTACT: info@silverpalmtrio.com

The Silver Palm Trio (and/or our assorted configurations) is available for public and private events, parties, art openings, receptions, and celebrations of all kinds, offering beautiful music for your entertainment.